A self-help program to treat your problems sleeping
A Self-Help App for the  Treatment of Insomnia
Insomnia  Fix TM
The Insomnia Problem Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects millions of people on a daily basis. This disorder is characterized by difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. In addition to other problems, insomnia is often associated with: High blood pressure Weight gain Daytime fatigue Memory problems Depression Insomnia often increases in severity over the course of time. Most people suffering from insomnia develop the following pattern: Difficulty sleeping Distress over sleep problems Further sleep problems A cycle is set into motion, and the end result is a frequent feeling of dread about going to bed. In a sense the bedroom, a supposed place of sanctuary and relaxation, becomes somewhat of a “battleground”.
Insomnia  Fix TM
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Z Z Z Disclaimer InsomniaFix is designed to be implemented by the consumer of this product. As such, the developers are not responsible for complications that may arise either directly or indirectly as a result of the implementation and use of this program. It should be noted that many factors may compromise the ability of this program to work for all consumers, and these factors may include, but are not limited to: use of medications, use of alcohol and/or drugs, medical disorders, psychological disorders, and lack of adherence to the prescribed program. Finally, it is recommended that the consumer consult with a physician if any physical or mental  complications arise during the course of this program. I struggled with insomnia after I developed some medical problems. For two years I didn't sleep well - my health suffered further, and I felt terrible during the day. I was a skeptic about treating my insomnia with an app, but InsomniaFix proved me wrong. After just a few weeks using the InsomniaFix treatment program I was sleeping better than I ever had in my life....amazing results!  Jeff R. ...Amazing Results! I struggled with insomnia for decades. I was taking medicine for sleep, and I was convinced I would never sleep without some type of medication. The insomnia treatment program used by this app changed my life. I now sleep through the night, every night, and without the use of medication. Treating my insomnia was a life-changing experience.        Debbie C. ...This app changed my life
Z Z Z •	Insomnia education module •	Short questionnaire about the user’s sleep habits •	Prescribed sleep schedule with specific sleep instructions •	Alerts and reminders related to healthy sleep behaviors •	Daily sleep diary to record sleep habits •	Sleep analysis with graphs to monitor progress  InsomniaFix components:
The InsomniaFix application (for Apple and Android) is self-help, tutorial program designed by Dr. Brian Wind, a board certified specialist in the treatment of insomnia and host of the popular talk radio program, The Sleep Doctors. InsomniaFix can also be used in conjunction with professional insomnia treatment being provided by your doctor, and can help the user eliminate medications for sleep. InsomniaFix has multiple components:
Designed by a board certified insomnia specialist Fix your sleep problems in just weeks, without drugs    Treatment effects are long lasting
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Fact: The treatment technique used by InsomniaFix is the treatment of choice for sleep disorders centers around the world, and has been proven to be much more effective than medication at achieving long-term success sleeping. Get InsomniaFix, and start fixing your sleep problems today!